Swimming pool replastering

Plaster pools are the most common type of inground pools in the USA. There comes a point when the plaster starts to get old and pitted. This is due to age and the years of chemicals eating away the finish. Many times plaster degradation is due to improper water balance.  In any case, plaster is a natural product, and is meant to degrade. Hard enough to be durable, but soft enough to remove a thin top layer by acid washing.
So, when do you need to re-plaster? Many people re-plaster the pool during renovation, about every 20 years or so.  Some do it more often to keep a nicer finish, or to change colors.  Bare spots and cracks are a concern and should be fixed. But the usual decision force is from an aesthetic viewpoint.  Sooner or later, your plaster will be dull, stained and not too pretty. When you get tired of it – you’ll know it’s time to replaster.
There are many types of plaster finishes and colors to choose from.  For more information, please call our renovation department.