Colley’s is the leader in high-quality, custom vinyl pools in the area.

Explore options for creating the in-ground vinyl pool of your dreams and learn more about available packages, the construction process, and more.

Transform your backyard into a paradise with a brand new vinyl pool!


Features of Colley’s standard vinyl pool package include:

• Choice of any shape

• Sustain chemical package

• Solar cover

• Winter cover (water bags and plugs)

• Vinyl liner (choice of pattern)

• 14 gauge G-235 corrosion resistant
galvanized steel walls (30 yr warranty)

• Double A-frame bracing with
deck supports

• Concrete bond beam around
base of pool walls and all bracing

• Dry mixed pool floor

• Aluminum patented
SNAP-LOCK coping

• Excavation and dirt removal

• 3 concrete walkway following
contour of pool

• 6 walk-down steps

• Handrail for steps

• Filtration system of your choice:
Jandy Sand or Cartridge Filter

• Backwash hose

• Rigid Schedule PVC 40 Plumbing

• 3 step stainless steel ladder

• Vacuum kit

• Vacuum head

• 16 telescopic pole

• Premium vacuum hose

• Leaf net

• Wall brush

• Test strips

• Underwater light

• 3 Year Colley Coverage


This 20 mil vinyl, made with a high-molecular weight polymer, holds its pigment better than standard vinyls and provides better damage resistance from heat, UV, and chemical abuse.

• 20% more UV resistance than a standard liner for longer lasting color
• 50% more top coat to help prevent scuffs and stains
• 25% better resistance to chlorine bleaching
• 25% longer life expectancy than standard liners



Choose your favorite!

Colley’s offers a variety of pool shapes to fit your space and accommodate your chosen pool accessories. View all of the options at the link below.



Ever wonder what makes a vinyl pool? Wonder no more. Colley’s breaks down the many elements that go into their high-quality, custom vinyl pools to make the construction process easy to understand.

The panels are made from 14 Gauge G235 (Z720) corrosion resistant galvanized steel. The manufacturer uses a patented Press-Loc fastening system that replace the old welded systems. The Press-Loc systems does not destroy the integrity of the galvanized finish. The panels are staked with rebar prior to the cement collar being poured.

Each pool and 14 Gauge galvanized steel Double A-Frame braces and deck supports. These braces are pressed locked into place on both the top and bottom to ensure the pool maintains it designed shape. The deck support systems are engineered not only to support the concrete deck around the pool but to also add rigidity to the pool walls.

We pour a concrete collar around the perimeter of the pool walls of the pool walls and bracing. This locks the walls in place and acts as a foundation around the outside of the pool.

All excavated dirt not needed for backfill will be removed unless otherwise specified.

Colley’s will provide temporary fencing around the dig site until the permanent can be installed.

Your pool comes standard with two bottom drains that comply with the VGB Act for anti-entrapment protection.

Schedule 40 rigid PVC plumbing.

Pool walls, handrails, and all equipment will be bonded and inspected.

A pool alarm is installed on every pool to comply with NY State code.

The bottom of the pool and the slopes are hand troweled using a sand/cement mixture. We use mobile mixer with a minimum of 7 bags of cement per yard of mason sand. This ensures a smooth durable finish.

Our standard 6′ walk down steps and handrail, plus a 3 step stainless steel ladder, are included.

A three foot (3′)concrete walkway is poured following the contour of your pool. 10-gauge wire mesh with a stone base is included.

Our pool package included a weighted vacuum head and premium vacuum hose, a telescopic pole, leaf net, wall brush, and test strips.

Watch it all in action!

See a vinyl pool come together in this time-lapsed video of our fantastic vinyl crew and see how your backyard can be transformed into a summertime oasis. Thank you Tony, great job!