Weekly Pool Cleaning

Spend more quality time in your pool or spa. Whether you are simply too busy or you would prefer to have a pool professional care for your pool, Colley’s can tailor a cleaning service specifically to address your needs and concerns.

Colley’s Pools & Spas offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pool and spa cleaning services that include but are not limited to performing the following tasks:

Your technician will:
• Completely vacuum your pool.
Even if you have one of our exclusive Paramount Cleaning Systems, vacuuming is good for the surface of the pool.
• Brush pool walls.
This will help to keep the walls of your pool free from any algae growth and will make filtering more efficient.
• Clean the water line tile.
The technician will clean this area of the pool with Martin’s Cleaner. This will remove the dirt that tends to appear at the water line.
• Skim the water surface.
Using a leaf net, the technician will remove any leaves or debris floating on the surface of the water.
• Clean the inside of the skimmer and empty the basket.
This area is very susceptible to collecting dirt and body oils. The technician will empty the basket and clean the interior of the skimmer with Martin’s Cleaner.
• Clean the steps.
The technician will use Martin’s Cleaner to remove the dirt on fiberglass or acrylic steps. Liner steps or gunite steps will be brushed to remove dirt.
• Equipment check.
The technician will check the operation of your filter, pump and heater during each visit and report any concerns or problems.
• Backwash filter and empty pump basket.
The technician will backwash the filter and empty the pump basket. If you have a cartridge filter, he will hose off the cartridges and make recommendations if an acid bath is needed. If you have a cleaning system with a leaf canister, this will be emptied too.
• Water test.
Our vans are equipped with a computerized water testing unit just like the one in our store. The technician will analyze your water and provide a print out for you. He will have chemicals in his van for purchase to treat your pool water to keep it chemically balanced. A properly balanced pool will ensure a longer life for your pool’s interior finish and your equipment.
• Spa cleanings.
Many of the above steps are included and will be tailored to the type of spa that you have.

Please call our nearest location for a free no obligation estimate.