Pool Service Department

Colley’s Pools and Spas has a fleet of maintenance vehicles and trained technicians on call to take care of all your pool and spa cleanings, openings, and closings. We can customize our pool and spa services to fit your specific needs.

Pool Openings
• Remove and clean cover
• Remove winterizing plugs
• Start up equipment
• Reinstall skimmer baskets & return fittings
• Clean pump baskets
• Scrub waterline & stairs
• Skim water
• Install hand rails & ladders
• Add spring start up chemicals and initial shock treatment
• Test heater

Pool Closing
• Remove skimmer baskets, fittings
• Backwash filter
• Add winter chemicals
• Remove hand rails & ladders (if applicable)
• Winterize filter, pumps & heater, clean earth & cartridge grids
• Air blow all plumbing lines
• Turn off gas at heater
• Remove Paramount module for auto cleaner
• Install Cover

NEW: STORE your Loop loc cover for $100 all summer long.  At the closing we will bring your cover back!

Great pool service, phenominal job!!

How to open and close your own pool