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Colley’s Pools & Spas is proud to offer premium Paramount products to make our pools the highest quality for you!

Colley’s is an Authorized Paramount Dealer.

Vanquish In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation System

With the Vanquish system, your pool is always swim ready, always well-circulated, more efficient with chemicals and energy, and has no unsightly cleaner to remove.



Clear O3 Ozone System

Clean Water. Pure and Simple.

The O3 Ozone Cleaning System brings the cleanest possible water to a new or existing pool or spa. It continually shocks your water, removing non-living waste while remaining eco-friendly and producing oxygen as its only byproduct.

The O3 requires no routine maintenance and saves you money by reducing the need for pool chemicals. One single unit works on a pool size of up to 55,000 gallons.


Ultra UV Sanitizing System

The Ultimate in UV Sanitizing for the Ultimate Peace of Mind.

Safely kill 99.9% of micro-organisms in your pool while using less chemicals with the Ultra UV Sanitizer. The Paramount Ultra UV system offers eco-friendly water sanitization destroys micro-organisms chlorine or salt generators can’t with a specialized UV light.