Indoor Gunite Swimming Pool Construction

Gunite Construction

20×47 Custom Freeform Gunite Swimming Pool w/ Spa

Gunite step construction

Gunite Construction Procedures

Most installations follow the same procedures and time frames, but changes or delays may occur due to factors such as weather and ground conditions.  Typically, you should be able to swim within weeks.

PHASE 1:  On the first day of construction, the pool will be excavated to exacting detail, and the forming that is required will be completed.  Depending on the size or shape of your pool, this process may take up to two days.  The elevation of the pool is set to allow proper drainage of water around the pool.

PHASE 2:  Next, a steel cage or basket will be tied using ½” and 3/8” rebar which will contour the excavation.  This steel basket not only strengthens the concrete shell, but it actually helps hold up the concrete during the application process.  The crew will bond the pool, and once this has been completed, an electrical bonding inspection will have to done.  Depending upon the inspector’s schedule, this will usually occur within three days.  No concrete can be installed until this inspection takes place.

PHASE 3:  After the bonding inspection, Colley’s shotcrete crew will shoot the monolithic concrete shell.  The shell will be formed to the specifications on your contract, including any walk down steps or benches.  Periodically over the next 48 hours, we would like you to hose down the shell.  This will help to strengthen the shell and reduce surface cracks.

PHASE 4:  Next, Colley’s will set the tile along the waterline of your pool and install the filter equipment.  If we are doing the electrical hook ups and gas line installation, they may be done at this time.

PHASE 5:  The concrete contractor will make an appointment with you to have your concrete deck poured.

PHASE 6:  Finally, your pool will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for one of our custom interior finishes.  The interior finish that you choose is applied onto the concrete shell and then troweled to a smooth finish.  Immediately following this application, you must begin filling your pool with water.  A minimum of 24 hours is required to fill the average pool.  Since using well water is not an option, we can provide you with a list of water hauling companies in your area.

Before the installation crew leaves, they will install a temporary fence around your pool.  It is imperative that it remain in place and secured until either your yard or pool is permanently fenced.

Most towns require a final inspection of the pool once the project has been completed. This visit from your town’s building inspector will finalize your permit. After you have arranged for the final electrical inspection, please request a final pool inspection from your town’s building inspector. Since your permit is valid for only a limited amount of time, this inspection must be completed as soon as possible. Failure to comply can result in additional fees and legal action pursuant to your town’s laws and provisions.

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