Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installation

Here is an illustrated example of our fiberglass pool construction process.



Another fiberglass pool installation:

Crane used in the installation of a fiberglass pool:


Sunset Bay 14×32 Fiberglass Pool with built-in Spa

Customer purchased a home that had a pool in need of major repair. Rather than renovating the old rectangular pool, he purchased a modern curvy fiberglass (Sunset Bay) pool and had it inserted in the old steel wall shell.

Construction Procedures:

Most installations follow the same procedures and time frames, but changes or delays may occur due to factors such as weather and ground conditions. 

Prior to your scheduled date, several formalities have to be taken care of.  Yard preparation is an important step prior to our crew’s first visit. Please keep your grass mowed low as this will help dry your yard. Do not use sprinkler systems for at least one week prior to the pool installation. If there are any trees, plants, or flowers located in the entry or work areas, please move them if you want them saved. We also ask that these areas are free of toys, swing sets, doghouses, or other items that would impede the crew’s progress.

We schedule pool installations according to contract dates, and follow in order unless delayed by ground conditions or if special order items are not in stock.

The pool and equipment will be delivered to your house the morning of your installation.  The crew foreman will confirm the pool location and layout with you before they begin to dig. The elevation of the pool is set to allow proper drainage of water around the pool.

Once the hole is dug, the pool is set in place. As the pool fills with water, the area around the pool is backfilled. Colley’s recommends that homeowners never drain their pool.

If Colley’s is doing the electrical hook ups and gas line for your equipment, the work will generally be done at this time.

Before the installation crew leaves, they will install a temporary fence around your pool.   Most towns insist that your permanent fence be installed as soon as your concrete work has been completed, and within the time frame set forth in your permit.

Our concrete contractor will schedule the installation of your deck.

Once the concrete has been poured, you may then make arrangements for the final grade around the pool, your landscaping, and permanent fencing.

Most towns require a final inspection of the pool once the project has been completed. This visit from your town’s building inspector will finalize your permit. After you have arranged for the final electrical inspection, please request a final pool inspection from your town’s building inspector. Since your permit is valid for only a limited amount of time, this inspection must be completed as soon as possible.


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