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Standard Features of Fiberglass Pool

The pool is constructed with state-of-the-art composite technology. Carbon fiber (Carbon Infused Technology) is infused in the pools to structurally reinforce specific areas.

Lifetime warranty on the structure.
Lifetime warranty on the surface.

Dirt Removal
All excavated dirt not need for back-fill will be removed unless otherwise directed.

Temporary Fencing
Colley’s will provide temporary fencing around the pool until the permanent fencing can be installed.

Filter and Pump
Jandy sand filter with a Jandy 1 HP pump.

Wide mouth skimmer.

Bottom Drain
The pool comes standard with two bottom drains that comply with the VGB Act for anti-entrapment protection.

Schedule 40 rigid PVC plumbing.

Pool Bonding
Pool, handrails and equipment will be bonding and inspected.

Pool Alarm
A pool alarm will be installed to comply with NY State Codes.

Ladder and Handrail
A 3 step stainless steel ladder and a handrail are included.

Concrete Deck
A three foot concrete walkway is poured following the contour of your pool. 10 Gauge wire mesh with a stone base is included.

Maintenance Equipment
Our pool package includes a weighted vacuum head and premium vacuum hose, a telescopeic pole, leaf net, wall brush, and test strips.

Start Up Chemicals
Easy to use 3 step program.

A solar cover or solar pills are included.

15×34 Blue Isle Fiberglass Swimming Pool


16×41 Olympic Bay

16x41 Olympic Bay
16x41 Olympic Bay