Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions

AquaBright® is the perfect solution for commercial and institutional clients. Commercial pools and spas are susceptible to staining and etching causing finishes to breakdown much more rapidly then their residential counterparts. Commercial spas are particularly affected because of the high temperature in which they are subjected to. Spas are typically drained every two weeks and are acid washed and cleaned. This regiment is extremely destructive to traditional pool finishes.

AquaBright virtually eliminates many of the traditional pool finish shortcomings. It is a pneumatically applied high performance thermal plastic that eliminates most pool pH balancing chemicals issues. Also, AquaBright can not be damaged by acid washing. So, if your pool or spa finish has lost its luster, our line of finishes will make them shine like new again.

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The Equipment
AquaBright is a thermal plastic coating that is applied pneumatically. The raw material is in a dry powder form that is propelled through a gun-type applicator and heated onto the pool surface. The material dries almost instantaneously.

The thermal stray applicator was specifically designed to produce a polymeric coating using our Aqua Bright thermal plastic powder. The finishes are easily applied with our proven installation methods and the end result is a smooth and durable astoundingly beautiful finish, that will last for many years to come.

Compressed air and propane are the only requirements to operate the thermal spray equipment. A small vehicle or trailer is all that is needed to transport the thermal spray applicator and all AquaBright materials.