Considerations When Designing A Pool

Auto CAD drawing

You may be eager to purchase a new inground swimming pool but before jumping in, you should give serious thought to its design. There are key factors that will do more than just contribute to the pool’s look.  When the design is properly planned and laid out it will maximize your investment and overall enjoyment of the pool.

Design and shape should be considered in the very early stages of the purchase process. One of the important things to consider when designing an inground pool is the shape. And most importantly, who will be using the pool and what will it be used for. Examples to think about, are there young children, or are the home owners empty nesters, or a family that likes to entertain.The answer to this question will help to determine the pool’s design and shape. Should it be freeform (one without a conventional shape), geometric or a hybrid of the two? These factors will also affect the pool’s size. It is very important to determine the pool’s primary users and its primary uses. Will it be mostly for sport, lounging, hanging out, playing poolside basketball or a combination of all of the mentioned uses? Will users want it for exercise, therapeutics, casual diving and lap swimming? Uses should play a large role in deciding the pool’s size and shape.

Auto CAD drawing

The pictures below are examples of our state-of-the-art computer animated drawing (CAD) program. Let our design department take you on a 3-D virtual tour of your dream-come-true swimming pool and spa desires.

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