EZ Panel pool installation

Last in-stock EZ Panel Swimming Pool!
18 x 30 rectangle fully dressed.
MSRP $15,500 clearnace with supreme package $9000 cash and carry.

EZ panel is not being made anymore (they probably will be bought out by someone else but till then we cant order anything new.


Relax It’s The Ez Panel Pool™! Whether you choose an above, semi or in-ground pool installation, an investment in an EZ Panel Pool™ is one that will enhance your home, your backyard, and the pleasure you and your family find there for years and years to come. The EZ Panel Pool™ is an exceptionally affordable in-ground pool, and a great value no matter which installation option you choose. It’s so versatile, it adapts to any yard. It’s uniquely aesthetic, and yet it’s rugged aluminum construction is so durable it’s guaranteed for 60 years. And the EZ Panel Pool™ is so easy to install, you pay less for installation and start having fun sooner. So, when the time comes to choose a pool, the choice is also easy.


Boy swimming under water


12′ x 22′ Ez Panel oval pool package construction

15′ x 30′ Nova 54″ Above ground Swimming Pool


15′ x 30′ Nova 54″ Above ground Swimming Pool