X10 Water Filter 

Start With Better Water

For less than 1 cent per gallon, The X10 Water Filter is good for up to 10,000 gallons and is great for filtering water* for:

Pools and Spas – No need to use metal removers and helps to correct pH and alkalinity issues in all water, including well water.

Washing Cars, Boats and RVs – No more hard-water spotting.

Koi Ponds and Aquariums – Allow your fish to start in a more pure environment.

Drinking Water for Pets and Livestock – Give your animals the best that you can.

Cooling Towers – Reduce and eliminate contaminants before they enter the system.

Fountains, Waterfalls and other Water Attractions – Eliminate scaling and equipment fatigue by removing contaminants from the source water.

Human Consumption – X10 Water Filter makes your current drinking water even better!